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Schweigman& & Johannes Bellinkx

Schweigman& creates performances and installations where, as a visitor, you experience your body and your senses, and then your fellow human beings and the world around you, in an intensive and different way. The work of Schweigman& is based on phenomenology and emphasizes the importance of the body. Existing expectations are overturned, creating space for exploration into other forms of perception, being, and (co)existence. Performance artist Johannes Bellinkx is associated with SoAP Maastricht. His work focuses on questioning our perceptual system and playing with perception.

Schweigman& and Bellinkx will take you on a journey over the coming years that will touch down at festivals and locations. Visitors will be invited to immerse themselves in unusual perceptions of their own body and the world around them through various installations. Travel with us to the final destination, House of the Senses; which will become a permanent meeting place and expertise center for embodied perception.

Johannes Bellinkx’ photo credits: Lize Kraan


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