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Marta Górnicka

The award-winning stage director Marta Górnicka is an innovator of the choral form. After graduating from the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy for Drama in Warsaw, Górnicka grew famous for her unique form of choral theatre, in which she deploys her performers’ bodies and voices as political instruments. She came to SPRING in 2013 with MAGNIFICAT, and with HYMN TO LOVE in 2018, each time leaving audiences awe-inspired.

Górnicka’s work confronts audiences with reality, which can be unbearable. Yet it also offers scope for social dialogue about conflict and how to resolve it. In her shows, the choir acts as a metonym for the community, uncovering the tensions among its members while emphasizing the shared humanity. Marta Górnicka’s work thus functions as a living laboratory for researching and reinforcing communities.

Photo credits: Esra Rothoff


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