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Interview with Geumhyung Jeong


Performance CPR Practice

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Geumhyung Jeong. I will perform a piece called CPR Practice on 27 and 28 May. This is my second time I come to The Netherlands and I am looking forward to SPRING Festival 2015.

Do you notice a difference in audience between different countries and/or cities?

Yes, there are differences in audience between countries or cities. But I always wonder if it is because the countries or cities are different. There are also differences between each shows in same countries or cities.

If you didn’t become an artist, what would have been your profession?

I didn’t have many other possibilities than this. But one day when I was a student, I imagined to be a technician of theatre. (I know, it is still related to the theatre and art)

In many of your performances the central theme is love between a human and a mechanical thing. Where does your fascination for this relation come from?

It came from my interest in the puppet theatre, the relationship between the puppet and the puppeteer, and the technical movement of them.  Then my interest extended further to the relationship between human and the things or machines in many different contexts.

What do you think SPRING Festival will bring you?

The experience of performing at the basket ball court of the formal prison. I expect it would bring a special atmosphere and I am curious to see how it works.


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