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In conversation with Grzegorz Reske


Listen to artistic director Grzegorz Reske in the new episode of the podcast series SPRING IN HET DIEPE.

“Expect the unexpectable.”

In this new episode of the podcast series SPRING IN HET DIEPE Grzegorz Reske, the artistic mastermind behind SPRING, walks through the 2023 program. Do you want to know why exactly these productions are featured? Are you curious about the overarching themes or do you want to know which premiere you really can’t skip? Then these are 22 minutes you don’t want to miss.

This podcast is made by art journalist Luuk Heezen. In the next episodes he will talk to a number of artists, such as Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, and Kim_Twiddle. Their performance SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP will be shown twice during SPRING. For specific dates check here. More info on their episode to follow soon, keep an eye on the website!

“I hope there is still a space where things will happen that we do not know, and that which we cannot predict.”

Listen to the podcast using this link or below!


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