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Episodes SPRING Radio 2019


Did you miss an episode of SPRING Radio? Watch them here!

On the weekends of SPRING, a radio report of SPRING was recorded. Luuk Heezen talked with SPRING artists, festivaldirectors, volunteers or fans. Did you miss the broadcasts or do you want to see them again? Read further and click on the links of the episodes below!

Episode 1
Guests: Rainer Hofmann, Shira Eviatar, Lotte Verkaik
Artistic director Rainer Hofmann discusses his tips for the festival.
Choreographer and dancer Shira Eviatar talks about her inspiration and motivation to make the performance Eviatar/Said & Rising. 
Visitor Lotte Verkaik shares her experionce with the performance Transfrontalier. 

Episode 2
Guests: Karlien Vanhoonacker, Fang Yun Lo, Marlise Trouwborst
Artistic advisor Karlien Vanhoonacker tells us which performances she is looking forward to.
Choreographer Fang Yun Lo explains her family history, which is the starting point of the performance Unsolved.
Performer Marlise Trouwborst discusses the work Ephemeral Data, on which she is working on.

Episode 3
Guests: Jelstje In der Rieden, Silke Huysmans & Hannes Deerere, Ayham Fattouh
Managing director Jeltsje In der Rieden reveals her festival favorites.
Theater makers Silke Huysmans & Hannes Deerere created a performance on a mining-depleted island. They tell about their journey on Nauru.
Volunteer Ayham Fattouh guides visitors during their walk in PoroCity en describes his experience.

Episode 4
Guests: Karlien Vanhoonacker, Joost Maaskant, Gido Broers & Ellen van de Mortel
Artistic advisor Karlien Vanhoonacker discusses the most memorable performances.
Soundproducer Joost Maaskant talks about the second part of PERMANENT DESTRUCTION and his work as a soundproducer.
Visitors Gido Broers & Ellen van de Mortel saw the performance Uncanny Valley and explain what it was like to see a robot on stage.

Episode 5
Guests: Rainer Hofmann, Kris Verdonck, Jacquelina Berkhout
Artistic director Rainer Hofmann looks back on a succesfull festival.
Artist Kris Verdonck tells about his performance SOMETHING (out of nothing), which premiered on SPRING.
Volunteer Jacqueline Berkhout was present at the special “uitwismoment” of Ephemeral Data and describes the experience.

SPRING Radio was made possible by Mister Motley.

We would like to see again next year at the SPRING Radio broadcasts.

© Anna van Kooij


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