UU & Academy: Doing Dramaturgy and What Dramaturgy Can Do

Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink & Maaike Bleeker

SPRING and Utrecht University go way back, so it cannot be a surprise that several SPRING performances served as example in Doing Dramaturgy: Thinking Through Practice (Palgrave 2023). This new book, written by prof. Maaike Bleeker, speaks about making theatre as a process of thinking through practice. Doing dramaturgy, according to Bleeker is attending to this practice of making-thinking. She investigates how we can conceptualize doing dramaturgy in ways that acknowledge today’s wide diversity of practices of theatre making. Which dramaturgical strategies emerge alongside new developments in performing arts and how can we reflect on themes like ‘new materialist’ and ‘more-than-human’ dramaturgy?

Join us for this festive launch of Doing Dramaturgy: Thinking Through Practice. Dr. Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink will interview Bleeker on the themes off her book. A conversation on contemporary theories and practices of dramaturgy. This interview will be integrated in the ever growing Dramaturgy Database: a database packed with interviews, essays and other archived materials that show how (Dutch) dramaturgy has developed in the past decennia.



25/05/2023 16:00


gratis / free


Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Zocherfoyer


SPRING 2023 


Duration: ~ 60 min

Language: English


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