Uncanny Valley

Stefan Kaegi | Rimini Protokoll

The German writer Thomas Melle is inviting you to a lecture on instability. But does the invitation really come from Melle? Melle himself will not actually be present. For Uncanny Valley, Stefan Kaegi from the influential German theatre company Rimini Protokoll (Brandstichter 2017 at International Theater Amsterdam) has made a copy of Thomas Melle in the form of a humanoid robot.

The robot is the sole performer in Uncanny Valley. 'Uncanny valley' is a term used to describe the feeling machines cause in people when they are too similar to human beings. The robot (or Melle? Or Kaegi?) is delving into this uncanny valley to ask what happens when a person is copied? What does it mean for the original? Does he get to know himself better through his electronic double? Do the copy and his original compete with each other, or do they help each other? 

Stage Production: Stefan Kaegi
Text, Body, Voice: Thomas Melle
Stage design and Costume: Chris Creatures Filmeffects GmbH
Costume: Beatrix Türk
Scenography: Eva-Maria Bauer
Animatronic team: Chris Creatures Filmeffects GmbH
Manifacturing and art finish of the silicone head / coloration and hair: Tommy Opatz
Video: Mikko Gaestel
Music: Niki Neecke
Lighting: Michael Pohorsky
Dramaturgy: Martin Valdés-Stauber

Producer: Münchner Kammerspiele 
Coproducer: Berliner Festspiele - Immersion, donaufestival (Krems), Feodor Elutine (Moscow), Triennale Teatro dell'Arte (Milano), Temporada Alta - Festival de Tador de Catalunya (Girona), SPRING Performing Arts Festival



23/05/2019 21:00

24/05/2019 19:30

25/05/2019 21:00 tickets sold out cancelled Waiting list


€17,- / €14,-


Theater Kikker, Grote Zaal


SPRING 2019 


Duration: 60 min
+ Short introduction (Fri 24 May)
+ After Talk (Sat 25 May)

This show is English spoken
without the use of surtitles.

Combitickets are available for the
24th of May. Scroll down for
more information.  


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