SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT
SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT

this is for everyone (cancelled)

Marc von Henning

We regret to inform you that this installation has been cancelled. 

The world consists of billions of individuals. Together they form communities, cities and countries. The German artist Marc von Henning makes a video installation for everyone. Take your foot off the gas, step out of your busy life and read this poem, one sentence at a time. They are at times provocative and often deceivingly simple thoughts that make you look at life differently. On display in the beautiful hall of the library in the former post office on the Neude square.

Thanks to: Lottie, Matti & Polly



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Hoop en de collectieve ervaring in het werk van Marc von Henning Hope and collective experiences in the work of Marc von Henning

In a Thursday-afternoon conversation with German/British theatre-director, writer and artist Marc von Henning, he talked about his video-installation/moving poem this is for everyone, which will be presented at SPRING in Autumn XXXL at the renewed library in Utrecht.


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