Playful Robots

Irene Alcubilla Troughton (Universiteit Utrecht) and Kim Baraka (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
' Take part in one-on-one sessions with robot Pepper '

Playful Robots is an interactive installation where participants can interact with robots through movement. Inspired by rule-based dance improvisation, this installation offers the visitor the opportunity to engage in three games with two Pepper robots. No previous experience is required, just the willingness and curiosity to explore how we can move with and alongside machines. Playful robots is part of the larger project Acting like a Robot, where we investigate how robotics and theatre can inspire each other. This interactive installation arises then from our interest and curiosity about human-robot relations, and about how they could be designed and conceived differently. Join us in discovering more embodied and playful ways of relating to machines!

You can apply via this form.

Credits: Acting Like a robot (project funded by NWO - Performing Robots | About (, Theatre Studies Universiteit Utrecht, Social AI Lab Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Ulrike Quade Company, Hendrik von Kentzinsky



18/05/2022 10:00

19/05/2022 10:00

20/05/2022 10:00




Het Huis Utrecht, Studio 1


SPRING 2022 


Date: 18-20 May from 10.00-17.00 (slots of 30 minutes each)

Participation is free, registration required via this form.


SPRING passe-partout