L Haal

Khalid Benghrib
' A hypnotic whirlwind of dance and rhythmic ecstasy '

As a child in Casablanca, from under the skirts of his two grandmothers, choreographer Khalid Benghrib watched lilas, ritual gatherings of the Moroccan Sufis. This mysterious world of ancient trance ceremonies, dance, music, spirits, fairies, and devils made a deep impression on him. In L'Haal, Benghrib revives his childlike excitement. Together with nine dancers and four percussionists, led by Hassan Boussou, the famous guembri player and master of the Gnawa genre, he gives a contemporary twist to Moroccan sacred music and Sufi dance. This is a performance in which both dancers and audience are enraptured.

Khalid Bengrib was born in the suburb of Casablanca, and lives between Morocco and France. Initiated to classical dance by Lahcen Zinoun and Colette Milner and to contemporary dance by Karin Weiner, Christine Gérard, Bertrand Papillon, Régine Chopinot and Didier Deschamps. Previous presentations of Benghrib in The Netherlands had been produced by Dancing on the Edge festival.

Interview with choreographer Khalid Benghrib
“The connection with my child-life is very important. I want to share my childhood memories of the lilas and how I experienced them as magical. I want to share that story, but I won’t just tell it to you… I’ll show it to you. During my childhood, the door to the lila ceremony was always open. So, if you want to come to this ritual, come. Whatever your beliefs, you are welcome. The door is open.“
Read the entire interview in the digital magazine of SPRING in Autumn 2021.

Gnawa Trance workshop by choreographer Khalid Benghrib
Khalid Benghrib gives an exclusive workshop inspired by the traditions of trance in Gnawa music and by the old, traditional Sufi traditions and rituals. The choreographer, born in Casablanca, mixes these styles in his own unique way. Anyone can participate, regardless of age, experience, condition or body type. Here you can read more information. 

Concept, choreography Khalid Benghrib
Music director Hassan Boussou
Technical director Zouheir Atbane
Design Sonore Zouheir Atbane & Youness Abolakoul
Production director Henri Jules Julien
National production and communication Zineb Ennajem
Dancers Zineb Boujemaa, Melen Cazenave, Romane Piffaut, Kamal Adissa, Mouad Aissi, Yassine Khyar, Soufiane Faouzi Mrani, Nabil Najihi, Mehdi Reffoue
Music performance Driss Aidar, Salaheddine Azzouggagh, Mohamed El Gasmi
Coproduction Ministère De La Culture Du Maroc, Arab Fund For Arts And Culture / Afac, Théâtre National Med V / Maroc
Partners Fondation Hiba-Lab, Fondation Touria & Abdelaziz Tazi / L’uzine



27/10/2022 21:15


€ 24,50 / € 19,50


Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Grote Zaal


SPRING in Autumn 2022 


Duration: 85 minutes

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