SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT
SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT

Holistic Strata Screen

Hiroaki Umeda

Screens play a crucial role in Hiroaki Umeda’s work. The Japanese choreographer connects the analogue body with digital visuals and sounds as no one else in contemporary choreography. At SPRING you could have seen his Haptic Installation where the closed eyelids of the spectator serve as screen for a projection. The film that we now present online, Holistic Strata Screen, is a whirlwind of pixels. All elements – light, body, space, movement – are turned into pixels. The whole world can be regarded and conceived as an endless storm of pixels in Umeda’s posthuman understanding of nature.

(the video is no longer available)

Direction: Hiroaki Umeda
Video Editting: Gravier Guillaume
Video Shooting: LRAK (Alain Kantarjian - Ludovic Rivalan)
Sound: S20



14/05/2020 20:00


gratis / free




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Availabe until 31 May 2020

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