SPRING in Autumn
31 Oct - 2 Nov 2019


Dries Verhoeven

Dries Verhoeven explores the world of artificial happiness that is increasingly available to us in the form of drugs, painkillers and antidepressants. Now that re creational drug use seems mainstream in the club scene, and the taboo on anti depressants is being lifted, our idea of what emotions are, is shifting. On the street stands a small pharmacy. A humanoid—a human-looking robot—works there as a pharmacy assistant. She tells us about the various products we can use to alter our mental state. Are we moving closer to a world in which we can be lyrical on command, and our emotions programmable?

Happiness explores the area where man and artificiality converge, where synthetic substances help us to re-humanise, maxi- humanise or, for a while, abandon our humanness altogether. 

Concept: Dries Verhoeven
Production: Studio Dries Verhoeven
Dramaturgy: Hella Godee
Design and development: Chris Creatures Filmeffects & Nelissen decorbouw
Photography: Willem Popelier

Producer: Studio Dries Verhoeven
Coproducer: SPRING Performing Arts Festival en Stichting NDSM-werf
With support of: BPD Cultuurfonds, Fonds Fentener van Vlissingen, stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and BNG Cultuurfonds



30/10/2019 14:00
31/10/2019 14:00
01/11/2019 14:00
02/11/2019 14:00
03/11/2019 14:00
06/11/2019 12:00
07/11/2019 12:00
08/11/2019 12:00
09/11/2019 12:00
10/11/2019 12:00


Gratis toegang/free entrance




SPRING in Autumn 2019 


Happiness is co-presented by IMPAKT Festival (30 okt - 3 nov) and Le Guess Who? (7nov - 10 nov)

Happiness is an ongoing installation which can be visited from 30 October until 3 November between 14:00h and 22:00h and from 6 until 10 November between 12:00h and 20:00h.





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