Batty Bwoy

Harald Beharie

"Unparalleled tour de force of the queer body" - Annette Embrechts; critic's choice in the Theaterkrant

"Batty Bwoy”, literally “butt boy”, is Jamaican slang for a queer person. In this performance, Harald Beharie explores how blackness and queerness are perceived. He attacks and embraces sedimented  narratives around the fear of the queer body as a perverse and deviant figure. He does this by using his own nude body in an expressive way.

The work twists and turns cruel myths to unfold vulnerable possibilities in an interplay of consciousness and naivety. Both the horror and joy of Batty Bwoy are unmasked. Batty Bwoy focuses on bodies and languages, on how we take in and reject the fictions projected onto our skin.

Batty Bwoy is an extremely intensive theatrical experience, in which Beharie collects topics of his current research - the fear of the queer body in public space, his non-white personal heritage in a predominantly white society, the borders of proximity between performer and audience, the limits of performer body exhaustion, but also the liberated power and joy coming through and by the body. With the original music of the Norwegian rock band Ring van Möbius  it is a manifestation of pride and power over the oppression of “normativity”.

The work has found inspiration in mythologies, disgusting stereotypes, feelings and fantasies of the queer body and identities, homophobic dancehall lyrics and 70s Giallo films from Italy. Furthermore, it is inspired by resilient “gully queens” and voices of the Jamaican and Norwegian queer community who have contributed to the process of this solo creation. The performance is an endless celebration of freedom of the queer body, as well as a provocation to the audience – an invitation to be confronted with prejudices with a manifestation of sensuality and sexuality. In the Topic Talk black body - white gaze, Harald will further discuss the use of the black body on stage. 

Batty Bwoy earned Harald a nomination for the Norwegian Critics Association prize.


Harald Beharie (NOR/JAM) is a performer and choreographer based in Oslo. His practice applies various formats and contexts to look into alternative modes of being, dancing and existing together while questioning notions of normativity. Harald holds an interest for the unpolished, the DIY and the vulnerability of being in the unknown. Harald has also received a nomination for the Norwegian Critics Association prize for the performance Shine Utopians (2020) with Louis Schou.

Choreography/performer: Harald Beharie

Scenography/sculpture: Karoline Bakken Lund and Veronica Bruce

Music: Ring van Möbius

Sound designer:Jassem Hindi

Outside eye:Ines Belli and Hooman Sharifi

Co-producers: Dansens Hus and RAS

Supported by: Norwegian Art council, Fond for lyd og bilde,FFUK, Sandnes Kommune and Tou Scene.

Photo: Julie Hrncirova


Thanks to Tobias Leira and Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud



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