SPRING in Autumn
31 Oct - 2 Nov 2019

One of a kind

Vincent Riebeek

Concept and dramaturgy: Vincent Riebeek
Created in dialogue with/performed by: Esther Arribas, Fernando Belfiore, Dani Brown, Nicolas Roses.
Advice: Renee Copraij, Andrea Bozic, Julien Alembik
Producer: Dansco
With support by: DAS Theatre, Frascati, Dansmakers & Jacuzzi
Thanks to: Barbara van Lindt, Heske van den Ende, Marc Streit, Marieke van Bueren, Rose Akras, the Das Arts Community, Hans and Marion Riebeek, Jacques Riebeek, Michele Rizzo, Tomislav Feller and many others who contributed either their help or advice in realizing this project along the way


After two successful performances at SPRING (Wellness and Schönheitsabend) with his artistic partner Florentina Holzinger, Vincent Riebeek is returning to SPRING. This time with his contemporary queer dance musical One of a kind. Forget everything you know about musicals and expect roleplaying and shapeshifting, nudity and masks, bodies acting, dancing, singing and playbacking. A wild mix of fake, authentic and original creates a whirlwind of motions and emotions.

The four performers carefully negotiate the cutting edge between art and entertainment. Playfully building on masquerade and fluid gender ideas, they offer you their kaleidoscopic view on identity, where a queer perspective can be considered the omniscient vantage point. One of a kind encourages the audience to create their own narratives and develop their own ideas about identity, authenticity and solidarity. 



€17,- / €14,-


17/05/2019 19:00
18/05/2019 21:00


SPRING 2019 


Duration: 80 min
Language: English
+ Short introduction (Sat 18 May)
+ 10 minutes 10 questions  (Sat 18 May)


Theater Kikker, Grote Zaal

Combitickets are available for the
18th of May. Scroll down for
more information.  



#2 Zaterdag 18 mei
  • Eviatar/Said & Rising Shira Eviatar

  • One of a kind Vincent Riebeek

Zaterdag 18 mei
tickets €27,-
Individual tickets: €17,-

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