SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT
SPRING in Autumn
27-29 oct UTRECHT

Your Feeling

Genevieve Murphy

Composer and theatre maker Genevieve Murphy was supposed to present her new music theatre performance I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own at SPRING. Genevieve Murphy is one of the artists of the talent development platform Standplaats Utrecht and a 'Nieuwe Maker' at Nicole Beutler Projects. Triggered by experiences growing up with a brother who has autism, her show is about empathy. It asks how empathy could work in times when a lot of our communication takes place on distance via social media. It is obvious how this topic got more urgent in times of lockdown. The rehearsals got interrupted and Genevieve Murphy concentrated on the musical aspect of the performance. She is now releasing an album in the fall and we premiere the first video-clip from this album here.

(this video is no longer available)

Video Director: Julian Hetzel

Music and performance: Genevieve Murphy

Drums: Henning Luther

Electronic Beats: Le Schnigg 

Mixing and Mastering: Gary Shepherd

Dramaturg: Nienke Scholts

Portrait photo: Vera Rijks

Commissioners: SPRING Performing Arts Festival, West Den Haag

With the support of: Nicole Beutler Projects


The music album will be released on the Unsounds label for contemporaray sound art, with the support of Gaudeamus. The theatre performance I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own was scheduled to premiere at SPRING Performing Arts Festival this May and will hopefully be rescheduled to open this fall. The performance is a Nicole Beutler Projects production, with the support of Standplaats Utrecht and Fonds Podiumkunsten.



15/05/2020 11:00


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