SPRING Performing Arts Festival and SPRING in Autumn are international performing arts festivals. Their programmes form a plea for art that is concerned with the state of the world, that derives its urgency from taking a stand, that is not afraid of experimenting and tries to find new forms to provide adequate responses to new problems, that has the guts to seduce and challenge, to conquer and confront. SPRING is a plea for art that tries to find contemporary forms to ask contemporary questions, for art that isn’t only about pleasing but instead is brave, raw and beautiful, rich and confronting, art that has queries for society instead of serving it. SPRING is for open and inquisitive audiences.


SPRING is an arts organisation that believes in the power of art and whose choices are made on artistic grounds.

Urgent and Innovative
The work presented by SPRING stems from a need to take a stand in today’s world and to find fitting artistic forms for it.

Public and Audience
SPRING is a public event. It is there for the public. Our take on the public event is like that of the Greeks and Romans; SPRING is about ‘res publica’, public themes. We present shows with public themes to our inquisitive audiences.

Diversity starts with making a diversity of voices heard; diverse in terms of background, gender, cultural background, sexual preference, lifestyles, voices that extend beyond the western, white, heteronormative mainstream.

A diverse programme and an open, welcoming attitude from the whole team opens the doors to a wide range of groups within society.

Global and Local
In a world that is simultaneously growing super globalised and super local, SPRING invites artists from all over the world to come to Utrecht, while concentrating on the city and its residents.

SPRING reflects upon the world, but also on developments within the arts, through SPRING Academy and collaborations with academic, cultural and social partners.



SPRING is a leading international platform for new developments in contemporary performing arts, with an emphasis on cross-over forms of art. It encourages promising young artists’ growth and development. SPRING ensures a great diversity of voices is heard. SPRING develops audiences for this work through strategic initiatives for marketing and communication.


  • Presenting new developments in international contemporary performing arts in Utrecht.
  • Developing and strengthening (inter)national networks, creating (inter)national (co-) productions to support the development of young artists.
  • Developing an international platform to offer Dutch or Dutch-based artists opportunities to present themselves internationally.
  • Increasing and widening (diverse) audiences through the deployment of strategic audience development initiatives.
  • Implementing performing arts throughout the city of Utrecht and Utrecht society as a meaningful mode of encounter.
  • Increasing the festival’s inclusivity.
  • Encouraging theoretical reflection to bridge the gap between current developments within society and the arts.
  • Encouraging and inspiring young artists and students.

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