SPRING presents Dries Verhoeven's
You are here 8-18 July


The Netherlands has 2.3 million people with a (moderate) disability. SPRING strives to be accessible, for everyone. That is why SPRING also focuses on the accessibility of the festival for that group of people. We do this in various areas. A report was drawn up with the help of inclusion experts from organisation 5D to make the festival and the organisation more accessible. The first steps have been taken and SPRING received an honorable mention in 2016 during the presentation of the Accessibility Prize of the municipality of Utrecht!

Collaboration Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

An important partner in making the festival accessible is Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, voted one of the five most hospitable and accessible tourist locations in Utrecht in 2016. From restaurant Zindering to both halls and foyers, the building meets accessibility values ​​such as the presence of disabled toilets and improved acoustics. Accessibility is also taken into account at other festival locations, for example due to the presence of wheelchair places.


SPRING believes it is important to inform visitors about accessibility. For example, the website informs the public about the use of (a lot of) text in the performance or excessive stimuli such as a strobe or loud sound. The website is also the place to find more information about accessibility and available facilities on location. Within our volunteer policy we pay extra attention to recruiting and guiding participants and visitors with a disability. For questions about the accessibility of SPRING, send an email to toegankelijkheid@springutrecht.nl.

Programma 2020

We will make sure to post an overview of which performances might nog be suitable or accesible for certain people on this page (lights, sounds, language, seating). 

The performance U bevindt zich hier (You are here) is wheelchair accessible. Visitors are asked to lay on a bed during the performance, our hosts can help you with getting on the bed when needed. If you come with a wheelchair, please let us know via kassa@springutrecht.nl so we can welcome you properly. 



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