SPRING Performing Arts Festival
12 - 21 May 2022 UTRECHT
SPRING Performing Arts Festival
12 - 21 May 2022 UTRECHT

Spring (co)productions

SPRING is bringing new and international productions to Utrecht. But we believe that simply presenting shows is not enough. Particularly not in times when it is becoming increasingly difficult for choreographers and theatre makers to create shows, and, even more so, to develop their artistic skills and find a place in the market for themselves. This is why SPRING has found a number of ways to support theatre makers and choreographers, like Jan Martens, Nicole Beutler, Julian Hetzel en Dries Verhoeven, over a longer period of time.

On a European level SPRING is active as a partner and co-producer within a number of networks, which link the festival to organisations in more than ten countries: Festivals in Transition (current project is Urban Heat), Second Cities, [DNA] and Space. With support from the EU Cultural Program and the Ammodo Fund SPRING also acts as an international co-producer.

Another format we use to support artists is the Size Matters programme, a two-year project with which we help young choreographers to create work for the big stage and perform it there. SPRING has supported Jan Martens and Nicole Beutler with this programme.

Since 2013 SPRING has (co)produced Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek, Ula Sickle, Ant Hampton & Tim Etchells, Kviss búmm bang, Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens, Dries Verhoeven, Kris Verdonck, Sanja Mitrović, Ligna, Julian Hetzel, Jan Martens, Nicole Beutler, chelfitsch, Tim Etchells and Edit Kaldor.

SPRING in Autumn 2021

Eko Supriyanto - IBUIBU BELO: Bodies of Borders
In his new production, Supriyanto gives a contemporary twist to a traditional Indonesian dance. And as always in his work, IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders has an underlying political message: what is the impact of borders on people's bodies, memories, and minds?
27/10/2021 SPRING in Autumn, Utrecht (NL), Dutch premiere

Samira Elogaz - SEEK BROMANCE
For the past 6 years, Samira Elagoz dedicated their artistic practice to researching and filming cis-men and first encounters. On a quest to find intimacy after touring many years, Sam realises that the show started as a genuine ode to being a woman, but revealed itself to be a farewell to being one.
30/10/2021 SPRING in Autumn, Utrecht (NL), Worldpremiere
Dries Verhoeven – Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid
In his latest work, Dries Verhoeven shows us humans as stowaways inside an enormous distribution centre. Working with Bulgarian performers with experience as labour migrants he creates a requiem for the labouring human body.
20/05/2021 SPRING, Utrecht (NL), World premiere
Jaha Koo – The History of Korean Western theater
During the celebrations for 100 years of Korean theatre, the South Korean theatre maker Jaha Koo realised there is no real Korean stage tradition.
26/05/2021 SPRING, Utrecht (NL) Dutch premiere
Julian Hetzel – Mount Average
It is hardly surprising that in reviews, Julian Hetzel is sometimes called a ‘professional provocateur’. In earlier work he placed rubble from Syrian bombsites on display and sold bars of soap made from human fat
25/05/2021 SPRING, Utrecht (NL)
Florentina Holzinger - TANZ
Florentina Holzinger’s work straddles the line between performance art, choreography, ritual and stunt show. She is best known for her overwhelming and raw brand of total theatre that links art and dance history with pop culture and entertainment.
28/05/2021 SPRING, Utrecht (NL)
Ingrid Berger Myhre - In Other Words
With great skill and charm, Ingrid Berger Myhre places dance in perspective. She continues her inquisitive game with language, with all the possibilities it offers and its shortcomings, in this unpretentious show with humorous overtones.
21/05/2021- SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Nederlandse Première
Jan fedinger – Land(e)scapes 4
land[e]scapes 4 is part of a series of art works made by visual artist Jan Fedinger about the relationship between mankind and nature. In this work Fedinger asks what we consider to be wealth.
28/05/2021 SPRING, Utrecht (NL) Wereldpremière


Dries Verhoeven - Happiness
Dries Verhoeven explores the world of artificial happiness that is increasingly available to us in the form of drugs, painkillers and antidepressants. Now that re creational drug use seems mainstream in the club scene, and the taboo on anti depressants is being lifted, our idea of what emotions are, is shifting. 
01/08/2019 - Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch (NL), World premiere
30/10/2019 - SPRING in Autumn, Utrecht (NL)

Jeroen van Loon - Ephemeral Data
Ephemeral Data is a performance that stretches across the full ten days of SPRING and visualises this shift. Ephemeral Data uses sand, the raw material from which fibre optics are made, to create a gigantic sand mandala representing a Google Maps image of the city of Utrecht. 

Naomi Velissariou | Theater Utrecht - PERMANENT DESTRUCTION: The HM Concert
The HM Concert sees PERMANENT DESTRUCTION polishing off a range of taboos from contemporary visual culture. Emotions such as disappointment in love and misogyny currently remain invisible, because they aren’t sexy or Instagram-worthy. 
17/5/2019 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), World premiere

Silke Huysmans & Hannes Deerere - Pleasant Island
For a long time, the island was a little piece of heaven on earth. But now that it has been mined of all its riches, the soil is exhausted and poverty reigns. What kind of future is left for the place, after its ecological and eco-nomic downfall?
20/5/2019 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening

Stefan Kaegi | Rimini Protokoll - Uncanny Valley
For Uncanny Valley, Stefan Kaegi from the influential German theatre company Rimini Protokoll has made a copy of Thomas Melle in the form of a humanoid robot.
23/5/2019 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening

Kris Verdonck & ICK - SOMETHING (out of nothing)
Our whole world is marked by the imprint of humans and technology. The show asks what place is left for humans in a world that is increasingly coming under the patriarchic rule of technology. From self- driving cars to algorithms. What happens to our bodies in this world? Are we just 'dead men walking'? And who is responsible in the end?
22/05/2019 - Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussel (BE), World premiere
24/4/2019 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening



Mette Ingvartsen - to come (extended)
Choreographer Mette Ingvartsen turns the theatre into a place to rethink sexuality, pornography and power and consider how they are interwoven with our current socio-political system. 
17/05/2018 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening

Isaac Chong Wai - The Collective Individual Exercises
Let’s think about the future, the Hong Kong-based Isaac Chong Wai tells us with his performance art. He designs simple mass choreographies in public space with up to 100 participants.
17/5/2018 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening

Studio Dries Verhoeven - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
In collaboration with the Western Hegemony National Monument Committee and the city of Utrecht, a memorial is to be erected on the Neude in 2018. SPRING marks the beginning of its construction.
17/5/2018 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch opening

Liz Kinoshita - You Can't Take It With You
Extreme collector’s mania, insurmountable rubbish tips and the necessity of the things surrounding us: they have inspired the Canadian choreo- grapher Liz Kinoshita to create You Can’t Take It With You. She is breathing new life into the musical: a capella, socially engaged, and with lots of dance, this young choreographer tackles the ecological problem of the evergrowing mountain of waste.  
14/4/2018 - PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
28/4/2018 - STUK, Leuven (DE) 

Sonya Lindfors & Maryan Abdulkarim - We Should All Be Dreaming
Choreographer Sonya Lindfors and writer and activist Maryan Abdulkarim believe in the potential of radical utopian dreaming and ask you to join their session and get subversive. Situating itself somewhere between choreographed gathering, performance and lecture, the session gently invites participants to spend time together, listen together and dream together. 18/5/2018 - SPRING, Utrecht (NL), Dutch Opening Night

Jisun Kim - Deep Present
Korean artist Jisun Kims asks what happens when algorithms and arti cial intelligences take over human decision making. Are machines capable of ethical decisions? When we look at the artificial intelligences, do we look at our mirror? Or at our future? 

Tianzhuo Chen - An Atypical Brain Damage
Chinese visual artist Tianzhuo Chen combines quotations from global club cultures, corporate identities, folklore, and social media to create a global snapshot between kitsch and apocalypse. 



Marlene Monteiro FreitasBacchae – Prelude to a Purge 
Marlene Monteiro Fretias turned her attention to the Bacchae by Euripides. The Greek tragedy covers every stage, from delirium to irrationality to insanity, and opposing desires lead to a clash of ideas and (religious) beliefs. Freitas takes a unique and fearless approach to the theme, delving into the depths of the human psyche. 

Amparo González Sola & Juan Onofri Barbato - Caravana 
Caravana is an intimate and physical experience that brings the audience into a ‘collective state of being’. Its creators are choreographers, performers, technicians and set designers all at once.

Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada - Dança Doente 
For this performance for the big stage Evelin was inspired by the radical attitude of the Japanese choreographer Hijikata Tatsumi, who saw dance as an ultimate act of resistance, politically charged and free of any rules. Evelin translates this into ‘dance like a virus’. The result: a powerful choreography that will leave traces, just like the body never forgets a virus it has survived.

Nick Steur - Drop Sculpture #4 – making senses 
In his series Drop Sculpture, Steur is creating subtle installations using falling drops of water as his material. Steur will be working in a number of locations, each with its own unique set of characteristics that will determine the shape of each version.

Katja Heitmann - Pandora’s DropBox 
Pandora’s DropBox is a calming yet disturbing quest to test the limits of human control. Can a human being become a perfectly functioning machine? With Pandora’s Dropbox, Heitmann welcomes you into the new paradise.

Erna Ómarsdóttir & Valdimar Jóhannsson / Iceland Dance Company - SACRIFICE – A mini festival
SACRIFICE is a full-length extravaganza with visual art, pop music, theatre and dance, a four-part Gesamtkunstwerk. 

Julian Hetzel - Schuldfabrik 
The performance-installation Schuldfabrik takes you through a series of spaces, including a concept store, a soap factory, a beauty salon and a room full of confessional boxes. The raw material for Julian Hetzel’s project is the German/Dutch term ‘Schuld’, which can indicate both moral guilt and financial debt. 



In THE COMMON PEOPLE 48 Utrecht residents meet for the first time. This is an intimate person-to-person encounter – in the most literal sense. A social experiment, workshop and performance in one, in which Jan Martens, with film director Lukas Dhont, intertwines choreography, film and stories from everyday life.

Nicole Beutler - 6: THE SQUARE
6: THE SQUARE zooms in on our human need to create order in a constantly changing world. Defining, drawing lines, pigeonholing: the square. What role does this man-made shape perform in our society? 

Tim Etchells  - Vacuum Days Utrecht
Vacuum Days Utrecht is a poster campaign created by artist, writer and performance maker Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment) in which he announces a series of entirely imaginary performances and events.

Dries Verhoeven - Guilty Landscapes, episode I
With his video installation Guilty Landscapes Dries Verhoeven is bringing the reality of uncomfortable news images dangerously close. His question: is there a personal connection between the supposed victim and its witness? Can the relationship be turned around? 

Edit Kaldor - Web of Trust
Web of Trust is bringing the internet into the theatre and offers you an opportunity to turn your passive discontent into active involvement. The performance will culminate in an action plan that mobilizes everyone. 

Toshiki Okada / chelfitsch - Time's Journey Through a Room
Time’s Journey Through a Room uncovers Japanese society: a society that has been torn in many ways since the big earthquake, and the tsunami and nuclear disaster that followed it in 2011. A performance about hope, desperation and giving up hope. 

Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek - Schönheitsabend
For Schönheitsabend Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek have drawn inspiration from their illustrious predecessors, those who reinvented dance (and themselves) at the beginning of the 20th century by creating taboo-breaking ballets full of exotic fictions, shifts in the balance of power, sex and reversed male-female roles.



Julian Hetzel - Sculpting Fear
Julian Hetzel is an artist-in-residence at SPRING. His work Sculpting Fear  premiered during SPRING 2015. Via SPRING and our international network Global City – Local City Julian has also made/presented work in places like Munich, Riga and Buenos Aires. STILL (The Economy of Waiting), a performative installation at last SPRING 2014, was also at the renowned festival Theaterformen Hannover. Thanks to the Performing Arts Fund NL’s ‘Nieuwe Makers’ subsidy and the Utrecht Municipality’s ‘Culturele Projecten’.


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