SPRING in Autumn
27-31 oktober UTRECHT

Unalphabet - Julian Hetzel and Miguel Melgares


For SPRING Academy 2021 Performance maker Julian Hetzel and dramaturg Miguel Melgares introduce Unalphabet, their new long term artistic research project.

Unalphabet is a critical encyclopedia on Western culture’s contradictions that proposes a framework for critical independent thinking and making – for learning and unlearning. Unalphabet as a series of nomadic encounters between experts, dilettantes, friends and strangers. The aim is to create a creative biotope that generates a platform for exchange while providing a fertile base for various art projects that stem from this research. 

Unalphabet is inspired by the structure of the latin alphabet and thus organised in 26 chapters. Each encounter is dedicated to an entry of the alphabet, exploring a topic that starts with that letter, i.e. P = Privilege. 

For SPRING Academy the first chapter is opened up, dedicated to the letter H, and the topic of research is HOPE. 
Hope has two sides; It is an essential tool for survival in difficult times, its a problem solving strategy and an engine for transformation that seems today more relevant than ever. Hope promotes change and points to an ideal and utopian state. At the same time, hope is the problem, or as Friedrich Nietzsche puts it: “Hope in reality is the worst of all evil because it prolongs the torments of man”. Hope is related to waiting, it produces passivity and it paralyses from direct action. Responsibility is often outsourced and directed to higher forces. 

During the three days of Unalphabet, Chapter No. 1, H = Hope, the participants will explore, think, meet, talk, watch, discuss, fight and dance together with a group of guest speakers and practitioners, with the idea to critically examine the concept of hope.

More details about the guest will be announced on our website and on the website of Julian Hetzel.

Friday, 21 May - Sunday, 23 May 2021 | 10:00 - 17:00 
Ticket price: €100 (Early Bird), after April 19th: €110, including lunch and a ticket to Mount Average on May 23rd.

Early Bird discount until April 26th. The application deadline is Monday, May 3, 2021.