SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

mission and goals

SPRING is a leading international platform for new developments in contemporary performing arts, with an emphasis on cross-over forms of art. It encourages promising young artists’ growth and development. SPRING ensures a great diversity of voices is heard. SPRING develops audiences for this work through strategic initiatives for marketing and communication.


  • Presenting new developments in international contemporary performing arts in Utrecht.
  • Developing and strengthening (inter)national networks, creating (inter)national (co-) productions to support the development of young artists.
  • Developing an international platform to offer Dutch or Dutch-based artists opportunities to present themselves internationally.
  • Increasing and widening (diverse) audiences through the deployment of strategic audience development initiatives.
  • Implementing performing arts throughout the city of Utrecht and Utrecht society as a meaningful mode of encounter.
  • Increasing the festival’s inclusivity.
  • Encouraging theoretical reflection to bridge the gap between current developments within society and the arts.
  • Encouraging and inspiring young artists and students.


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