SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

Performances December and January cancelled


Last night Prime Minister Rutte announced a new lockdown until January 19. Unfortunately, therefore, the performances Spectrum by Schweigman & (December 16-20), Cow is a cow is a cow by Abhishek Thapar (December 17 and 18) and Mount Average by Julian Hetzel (January 8-10) have been cancelled. If you have tickets, we will contact you soon.

We expect to be able to present the series of Spectrum performances at the end of February, if the measures allow. As soon as we know the exact dates, we will inform the ticket buyers. In addition, we are investigating whether we can move the performances Cow is a cow is a cow and Mount Average to SPRING Performing Arts Festival that will take place from 20-29 May 2021.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope to see you again in the new year!


Photo: Noor van der Wal

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