SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

From Standplaats Utrecht to Standplaats Midden


After two years of working, rehearsing, developing, trying out, innovating at the great Fort Blauwkapel, the Standplaats Utrecht platform ends. The theater makers and performing artists associated with this place for talent development will continue. Iona&rineke and Julian Hetzel receive a two-year subsidy from the Gemeente Utrecht.

Under the name Standplaats Midden, the platform is developing into a regional network organization of six cultural institutions: Het Huis Utrecht, Filiaal theatermakers, SPRING, Gaudeamus, De Coöperatie and Holland Opera. Talent development of young and mid-career makers from different disciplines (theater, dance, performance and music) is central. The organization is developing further this season. We'll let you know!


Photo: Sjoerd Derine

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