SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

Wanted: talent from Utrecht


ARK Utrecht - City of trust
From 16 until 19 September, SPRING is presenting the city celebration ARK Utrecht. An ark is driving across all districts of Utrecht. A fantasy ship filled with dream images on which we sail confidently from the crisis into a new future. Around this city-artwork on which everybody can participate a programme full of encounters, interventions and activities will take place, created by city residents and community centres, as well as artists and cultural organisations. The whole neighborhood is invited to get ‘on board’, to take a look or make a contribution. Which Utrecht values, traditions and forms of society do we want to keep on board? Which ones do we want to leave behind? And what new customs do we need? After a long period of lockdowns, ARK Utrecht will create space for lively encounters between Utrechters who have never met before.

Room for every citizen of Utrecht
Just as Noah's Ark had room for all kinds of people and animals, ARK Utrecht has room for every citizen of Utrecht. We celebrate the city's diversity with residents of all neighborhoods, ages, backgrounds, gender, educations and beliefs. Meetings will take place through discussion tables, art installations, exhibitions, music, pop-up performances, talkshows, debates, inspiration sessions, parades, rituals or workshops. After four days, the arks will sail confidently towards a hopeful, shared future!

Utrecht-based artists and organisations can submit their ideas for social-artistic interventions until 30 April.

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