SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

Trailer SPRING Performing Arts Festival 2021


We almost can't wait!

Fortunately it's Friday 30th of April in a few days and the ticket sale will start at 10.00 AM!
Below we have a trailer, a little teaser for you so you can see what we have in store for the SPRING Performing Arts Festival 20-29 May 2021.

The SPRING programme contains a number of shows on social and political topics: from social cohesion to identity questions. In his latest theatrical installation (Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid), Dries Verhoeven wonders if in a digitalised work environment there is still such a thing as a (proud) working class. In his tour around a statue factory, Julian Hetzel points out our need for political leaders (Mount Average).

The body and his representation in media and on stage and what it could signify are central in a programme line with performances by Marte Boneschansker (BLOOS de mannen) and Katja Heitmann (Motus Mori: meeting the archive).

How new technologies influence our lives (and how they are used in art works) is eminent in other works. This programmatic line has a strong focus on technology and how it relates to nature and humans, like for example in R for Resonance by Ho Tzu Nyen from Singapore.

Some artists found creative solutions for the current measures: Dries Verhoeven and Julian Hetzel re-organized their shows during the creation process to durational pieces allowing more audience in but still guaranteeing safety. Katja Heitmann changed her project to a very intimate one-on-one encounter (keeping a safe distance). 

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