Aside from attending the live programme at sites around Utrecht, this year visitors can also experience SPRING from home. Six internationally based artists and companies are creating new, interactive home viewing shows, developed specifically for the circumstances in which we are currently all finding ourselves. In the intimate setting of your own home, the artists will sweep you along into a different world and offer you the starring role in the storyline of their show.

SPRING@home promises to be a unique experience. Get active and become acquainted with artists and participants from all over the world. The shows will come to you via mail, telephone or a range of online media. This will be the programme for SPRING@home:


Someone is on the line. You don’t know their name, and you still won’t when the hour is over. But through this exchange – as you both follow a thread of questions, instructions and clues by an unknown voice – a portrait of your partner will emerge through fleeting moments of exposure. Will you take this challenge?

2. Fionde

In a time where celebrations are hardly possible and with limited options to commemorate key moments in life, the creators of this work of art composed a kit for you to find ways to adapt to these new circumstances. 

3. Guided Choreography for the Living and the Dead

States of longing and desire. This is what Faye Driscoll’s voice conjures up in this intimate guided meditation in a the four parts of this series of audio works.

4. Wanaset Yodit

In Wanaset Yodit the two friends share their stories with their audience, with cups of coffee to hand. Their deeply human journey will move you to more than tears alone – with Yodit’s sense of humour and her lust for life she is sure to make you laugh.

5. Allegedly

Two lead characters and fifteen other actors come together to spark conversations with each other and their audience about sexual violence and justice. Using personal stories, experiences and musings, the piece asks questions about what ‘consent’ means and the language that is used to discuss sexual violence.

6. Body of Knowledge - at home

What happens when adults in Holland talk over the phone to teenagers in Australia and Singapore about vital and intimate topics such as sexuality, shame, sorrow, age, death and the future of the planet?

Photo: Pier Carthew

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