Batty Bwoy: Keuze van de criticus


Batty Bwoy van Harald Beharie is de "Keuze van de criticus"! Gisteren was de voorstelling compleet uitverkocht, vanavond heb je nog een kans. Kom om 21:30 naar Het Huis Utrecht.

"Hij lijkt naakt tevoorschijn gestapt uit een beeldengroep van een fontein. Zoals danser Harald Beharie (30) bij aanvang half liggend op een harde rode sokkel zit, oogt hij als een kruising tussen een godenzoon en zeemeermin." Annette Embrechts - Theaterkrant


SPRING Reporter Elisavet Droulou - 26-05

Not only does Harald Beharie choose a term (‘batty bwoy’) from his Jamaican cultural background while living in Norway, but he also wants to reclaim it. He puts the queer body of colour at the centre of attention and makes us reflect on our self-perception as accepting and tolerant normative individuals. 

We witness a process of self-discovery that begins quietly with the self-centred artist slowly becoming aware of himself. At first he is passive, obedient, almost vulnerable. Subsequently, his diverse identity manifests in a resounding, confident statement of non-normativity. 

Despite (or because of) the stigma imposed on him, the artist chooses this way of expression, he tests and provokes our limits, and finally gains a dominant place in the social group. With all parts of his identity proudly expressed, he looks the audience in the eye. 

He objectifies his body while we have already forgotten that he is naked. Harald Beharie shows us who he is and who we are at the same time. The table turns and makes noise. He demands our attention: the black queer body is speaking.





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