SPRING presents 3 performances
in November, December and January

First three performances and Early Bird passe-partout tickets on sale now!


SPRING proudly presents the first three performances of SPRING 2020!

In Ensaio para uma cartografia created by the Portuguese theatre maker Mónica Calle we bear witness to the strength of women, to human strength and the power of imperfection. Twelve actresses – a cast that reflects the diversity of humankind and of womankind – attempt to execute classical dance routines and perform a complex symphony.

TANZ by chorographer Florentina Holzinger – best known for her overwhelming and raw brand of total theatre – is a study of the female body as a special effects machine. The dancers are undergoing a rigorous training in "action ballet". It is a search for perfection in a world on the run, and turns the raw into the sublime.

In The Ecstatic Jeremy Nedd and the Impilo Mapantsula company intertwine the energetic dance form that arose during the Apartheid era in South Africa, pantsula dancing, with the spiritual dance tradition of the praise break. Onstage, time seems to come to a standstill as six pantsula dancers reach a point of extasy in an explosion of energy.

Do you desire to see all these above mentioned performances, and even more? This is your chance to buy an Early Bird passe-partout for € 68,- (instead of € 88,-). Check this page for more information & terms of condition. 


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