Gnawa Trance workshop by choreographer Khalid Benghrib


Khalid Benghrib gives an exclusive workshop inspired by the traditions of trance in Gnawa music and by the old, traditional Sufi traditions and rituals. The choreographer, born in Casablanca, mixes these styles in his own unique way. Anyone can participate regardless of age, experience, condition or body type.

During the workshop the focus is on the field of tension between individual and community, without leadership. According to Khalid, it is high time to explore the sense of community and its deeper layer. What about our own community? 

Khalid Benghrib was introduced to the heart of the Sufi universe as a child through his grandmothers and went to study dance in La Rochelle. Today he lives and works in Morocco and France.

Through this workshop you will catch a glimpse of his performance L'Haal, which enraptures both dancers and audience. L'Haal is the opening performance of the festival SPRING in Autumn and can be seen on Thursday 27 October at 21.15 in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. As a participant of the workshop you can visit the show at a reduced rate: for 10 euros instead of 24.50 euros.

Where and when: Monday 24 Oct 19.00 -21.00 ZIMIHC theater Stefanus (Overvecht) 
Admission: Pay what you can

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SPRING passe-partout