28 Oct - 15 Nov UTRECHT

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten


At the beginning of August we received the good news that for the next 4 years we will again be supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund) in the multi-year festival subsidy 2021-2024. The recommendations state: “The committee is of the opinion that SPRING makes art relevant in a new way by making a connection with current social developments. SPRING does not shy away from abrasive performances and knows how to contextualize this in an appropriate way. ”

Thanks to the structural support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, the province of Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht, we can create beautiful editions of SPRING possible in the coming years.

In addition to this good news, it is now clear that in the category of multi-year production subsidies 2021-2024 many companies will not be awarded their subsidies due to an insufficient budget (despite a positive advice); these companies include (former) festival makers such as Third Space, Nieuwe Helden, Dood Paard and This Is Not A Show - Katja Heitmann. This would mean an enormous impoverishment of the performing arts. We sympathize with our colleagues and support the call from the professional field for an extra budget so that the applications from these talented makers can still be honored. Also read the urgent letter (countersigned by SPRING) that was recently sent to the Tweede Kamer and minister Van Engelshoven.

(photo: Rikkert Wijrdeman)

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