28 Oct - 15 Nov UTRECHT

European theatre project Moving Borders launched


Society is shutting down, borders are closing and we cannot meet. Unfortunately we had to cancel SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May. However, we are not sitting still. Especially now we realize that the importance of meeting is a great deal. We are thinking about the future, including with this project where diverse people meet to question borders.

The international theatre project Moving Borders, which is co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, began with a digital kick-off meeting at the end of March.  SPRING Performing Arts Festival developed this project together with six European performing arts institutions. 

Over a period of two years, seven individual editions of one artistic concept – ARK by the British ensemble of artists & producers Quarantine with director Richard Gregory – will be produced in Athens, Dresden, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Porto, Strasbourg, Utrecht and Warsaw. In each city, Quarantine will collaborate with local artists, creatives and citizens to construct an ‘ark’ – which could materialise physically or metaphorically and will be adapted to each city’s individual local demographical, historical, cultural and social realities – providing a space for alternative activities and for new encounters between people.

This joint participative project aims to examine the term “borders” and its manifestations in our contemporary European societies. Through it, we will address the phenomena of borders in our cities and in our everyday lives: as a divisive element that can prevent people from reaching out to each other and which can foster inequality, but also as a constituent part of successful diverse communities, where mutual respect and recognition only become possible by drawing lines. As we witness a dangerous resurgence of nationalist and xenophobic tendencies in Europe and in times of COVID-19 and increasing economic inequality, ARK will send a positive message about diverse ways of being together.

The preliminaries for the long-term project have now started in each city and these will lead into the next phase of the project, consisting of laboratories and workshops in autumn 2020. The seven editions of ARK will be developed and presented in each city in spring and summer 2021. ARK will take place in Utrecht during SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May 2021.

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