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All the performances are revealed and the ticketsale has started. Ravishing dance shows and documentary theatre pieces, ironic humanoids and skillful bondage artists, Greek traditional dance and Indonesian noise music come together in a theatrical journey around the world and into Utrecht.

A red line of the programme evolves around new technologies. We do not only see humans, but also humanoids, machines and projections as performers, like in the shows and installations by Rimini Protokoll (Uncanny Valley), Dries Verhoeven (Happiness), Jeroen van Loon (Ephemeral Data) and many more. But who are we humans in the light of our enthusiastic embracing of new technologies? We take a closer look at the human body and dance and folk traditions in performances by Boris Charmatz (10000 gestures) and Tzeni Argyriou (ANΩNYMO). We travel around the world, e.g. to Iran (Through the Skin Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat), Taiwan (Unsolved - Fang Yun Lo) or Nauru (Pleasant Island - Silke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere). Besides, SPRING is taking over the city with installations and performances by Zora Snake (Transfrontalier) and Andrea Božić & Julia Willms (PoroCity).

We invite you to follow us on this journey through the arts and the world.

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