SPRING in Autumn
27-31 October UTRECHT

SPRING on Screen

Like many other events, the SPRING Performing Arts Festival has unfortunately been cancelled this May. We’ll miss the surprising and innovative performances, the healthy tension at the office, the enthusiastic volunteers, and of course the wonderful, curious audience.

But SPRING still exists. Even though the performances can’t take place, we intend to present the artists who would have been part of the festival in an online programme. SPRING on Screen will include dance films, music videos, podcasts, philosophical reflections, living room performances, and short documentaries. It doesn’t replace the festival experience, but gives a glimpse of what we’ll be missing, in the hope that SPRING in Autumn or SPRING 2021 will enable us to see the work of the festival artists live again.

In addition, we’ll show a series of posters in the streets of Utrecht and online, with messages in quarantine from current and former festival artists. Artistic director Rainer Hofmann is happy to invite you all to a talk via Zoom on Thursday 14 May at 8 pm.

Digital artworks
The programme on the SPRING website is short and powerful. Genevieve Murphy will release the first song of her new album with a music video. Theatre collective Dood Paard is working on a podcast. Jan Fedinger is making a video version of his work land[e]scapes 4 - redistribution of wealth by nature. In addition to new work, the festival also showcases existing pieces by festival artists. Christiane Jatahy shows a short documentary from her performance The Walking Forest. Japanese artist Hiroaki Umeda presents the short dance film Holistic Strata Screen, and The Bohemian Rhapsody project by Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen will also be streamed. The works will be available at the website until May 31st.


The public space is not closed
SPRING has a rich tradition of presenting art in the public space, and we see no reason to stop. We asked current and former festival artists what they want to tell the world in this corona time. Under the title 'Message from quarantine', we will show contributions by Milo Rau, Nicole Beutler and Julian Hetzel on posters and digital screens in Utrecht, offering hope, reflection, and inspiration to all of us. The series of posters will also be published on springutrecht.nl.