SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

SPRING ticket sale

Ticket Sales

The Ticket Sales for SPRING 2021 is live. SPRING Performing Arts Festival 2021 will continue as an official testevent! This means that all performances will only be accessible when showing an negative testresult for the COVID-19 test.  How does this work? Read everything about testing prior to a performance here.

You will get your money beack if a perfomance is unexpectedly cancelled. Ofcourse, you can always donate the money to SPRING. 

  • Are you coming with your household? Then book your tickets together in one order. Would you rather not sit together? Then book separately. We take this into account in the room layout. 
  • If you have any symptoms, we unfortunately have to ask you to stay home. If you let us know you won't be attending the show before 10.00 AM the day of the performance, you can get a refund for your tickets. Please let us know by sending an email to kassa@springutrecht.nl. We'd prefer it if you let us know the day before, because in that case we can reach out to people on the waiting list and perhaps make them happy with your ticket(s).
  • Want to know more about what our measures against corona? See springutrecht.nl/corona

This year, we've decided to sell our tickets only through our online channels. We will not have a Box Office at our festival locations. This way, you're certain you have tickets for your preferred performances and, when necessary, you will have time to get tested. Besides, we hope to limit travel movements and physical contact. 

Visitors of the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht will have the opportunity to get information at our information desk at the entrance from 20 till 25 May and 27 till 29 May from 12.00 till 21.00. Our crew will be present at our other locations prior to your visit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@springutrecht.nl. Questions regarding tickets and the ticket sales can be sent to kassa@springutrecht.nl

Prices may vary between shows. Discounts are available for CJP-card holders, students, U-pass holders. 

Give an encore: Buy an extra ticket for someone who cannot afford it. 

Across the country, the public is asked to purchase an extra ticket for someone who does not have the financial means to buy a ticket for a performance. SPRING is also taking part in this promotion. We ask you to make a donation, so that this audience can also enjoy SPRING. Together we focus on inclusiveness and diversity and we underline the unifying power of art and culture in our society.




  • Be on time. After the performance has started, it is no longer possible to enter.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged (exception: when you have coldlike symptomps, see above)
  • It is possible to scan your ticket of your phone or tablet. Please turn up the brightness of your screen to full. 
  • Subject to any changes in the festival program.