After talks

Meet the SPRING artists in an intimate post show conversation! Often in such talks, there will be a moderator to ask the questions, which the artist or an expert will answer. Dramaturge Merel Heering is taking a different approach. After a show, she will ask you and the artist the same set of questions. Which three words describe the show for you? And what kinds of images or memories does the piece evoke for you? As the conversation grows, you, the artist and your fellow spectators learn about the wide range of possible experiences and meanings of a show.
10 minutes / 10 questions
10 minutes 10 questions is a high-energy artist talk taking place immediately after the performance, in the auditorium. Take a card, write down the first question that pops into your mind, and hand it in. Our ‘Master of Ceremony’, Merel Eigenhuis, will randomly pick ten questions and fire them in as many minutes at the creators of the show. Spontaneity guaranteed! Below is an overview of the performances where such a session will take place during SPRING in Autumn 2020.
Chat with a Festival Philosopher
New! Discuss the performance with fellow spectators and philosopher Floris van den Berg. Standing tables are set up just outside the hall to discuss the performance in a light-hearted way. Discover how your fellow visitors have experienced the past hour and come together to new insights. Under the enthusiastic leadership of philosopher Floris van den Berg you get the chance to view the performance from a different angle.

SPRING passe-partout