SPRING on Screen
available until May 31st

SPRING Aftertalk

Meet the SPRING artists in an intimate post show conversation! Often in such talks, there will be a moderator to ask the questions, which the artist or an expert will answer. Dramaturge Merel Heering is taking a different approach. After a show, she will ask you and the artist the same set of questions. Which three words describe the show for you? And what kinds of images or memories does the piece evoke for you? As the conversation grows, you, the artist and your fellow spectators learn about the wide range of possible experiences and meanings of a show.

Vrijdag 17 mei
Attractor - Dancenorth, Lucy Guerin Inc, Gideon Obarzanek & Senyawa

Zaterdag 18 mei
10000 gestures - Boris Charmatz
Transfrontalier - Zora Snake

Woensdag 22 mei
ANΩNYMO - Tzeni Argyriou

Vrijdag 24 mei
SOMETHING (out of nothing) - Kris Verdonck & ICK

Zaterdag 25 mei
Uncanny Valley - Stefan Kaegi | Rimini Protokoll



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