SPRING Performing Arts Festival
16 - 25 May 2019

De Angstfabriek

De Angstfabriek (Fear Factory) of Critical Mass is a play on a madcap idea: what if there were a single place that produces all our fears? But doesn’t this thought-experiment represent the reality which we live today? Our fears create a need for security, borders, rules. They lead to an image of who we should feat and who we can safely embrace. The SPRING shows Uncanny Valley, Transfrontalier and Pleasant Island investigate the possible sources of our fears. 

Critical Mass and SPRING Performing Arts Festival collaborate to create a programme about fear for adolescents (15 – 30 years). 

More info: angstfabriek.nl
Date: 12 April t/m 13 July . Wed – Sun.

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SPRING start met pilot educatieprogramma voor mbo



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