SPRING Performing Arts Festival
20-29 May 2021 UTRECHT

ARK Utrecht

ARK Utrecht - Join the traveling city celebration

From September 16 to 19, SPRING will present the traveling city celebration ARK Utrecht in the following neighborhoods: Lombok, Leidsche Rijn, Overvecht, Lunetten, Ondiep and Kanaleneiland. After a long period of lockdowns, ARK Utrecht is a free gift to the residents of the city. During this vibrant city celebration, we carefully put the crisis of the past year behind us and look forward to a new future with confidence. What this one looks like? We will all shape that together during this festival!

A festival for everyone from Utrecht
We celebrate the city with residents of all neighborhoods, ages, backgrounds, genders, education and beliefs. Just as Noah's Ark offered space for many species, there is room for every Utrechter on board ARK Utrecht. A festival of Utrecht for Utrecht, because the program is made by local artists and artists as well as the residents of the city itself. We look back on the corona crisis, think about the world of today and fantasize about the future. Everyone is welcome to come and watch, participate, taste, dance, talk, meet and contribute. Of course we stick to the corona measures that apply.

A small selection of the program
In each neighborhood we have a 4.5-hour program full of encounters, activities, conversations and experiences around a public square.
• There is a BuurtBar, where you can exchange snacks and stories with local residents.
• The Utrecht rapper Dwinna, who has already reached more than 1 million streams on Spotify, wants to bring people and especially young people together with his music and highlights the versatility of the city of Utrecht in his songs.
Bankra Bike Soundsystem & Social Dance Club are also present, so it is guaranteed that you will get your feet off the floor; dance to the music of the DJs or even join a dance workshop!
• The STUT Theater will make us think about loneliness and connection in Van heel dichtbij  in a life-size cube.
• The Nieuw Utrechts Toneel plays the performance Op de Koffie  in an intimate setting in living rooms around the six squares.
DOX will perform a piece from the interactive show Symphony of 21, a mix between European and African/Uganda music and club scene elements. Will you dance along?
• There is also plenty to do for children!
And all this is just a small selection of the programming! In August we will announce the entire program and all starting times per district.

ARK: a moving work of art
The vibrant centerpiece of this city celebration is a car that is transformed into a moving work of art; a traveling ark where we will meet again. During the daily talk show in every neighborhood with theater maker and presenter Dorothy Blokland, the ark opens and local residents get a stage. But you as a visitor can also contribute to the decoration of this moving work of art by placing your wish for the future on a large flag.

In four days, ARK Utrecht will look for unconditional trust in each other, in ourselves and in the future with the entire city. Will you join the party?

ARK Utrecht is produced by SPRING: a festival organization with innovative performances by contemporary international theater makers and choreographers. The performances of SPRING are for an open and curious audience and take place in various theaters and in unusual places in Utrecht. ARK Utrecht is part of the European project ARK that is organized in seven European cities through the artistic network Moving Borders. ARK was created by British theater group Quarantine and is made possible in part by Creative Europe.


For more information about Moving Borders and the seven cities visit www.movingborders.org