Which valuable lessons will you be taking on board for the future?

We went into the Utrecht neighborhoods and asked residents "Which valuable lessons will you be taking on board for the future?". Here you can read their responses.


  • Sara, 37 years: I hope people will start living on a smaller scale.  We need to take a step back and ask ourselves: what do we really need to be happy?
  • Dagmar, 32 years: I've learned that I need to keep following my own path in life.
  • Farah: We've learned that Flex is a resilient community.
  • Leo, 55 years: You can always find a way to keep going.
  • Martin, 68 years: I'd like to challenge people to think about change.
  • Esther 52 years: I'd like to emphasise the idea of neighbourliness. You should never be afraid to ask those around you for help when you need it.
  • Nick 38 years: You should always try to find your own strength and never let your limitations hold you back.
  • Debbie 65 years: I've learned a lot about why I'm the way I am and why I do what I do.


Leidsche Rijn:

  • Sabiet, 51 years: I'm not afraid of COVID. We'll always keep taking care of each other, even if there are ten pandemics. 
  • Ton, 78 years: No matter what happens to you, try to keep a positive mindset. 
  • Wobke: We've learned our lesson. We need to let go of our old hectic lifestyles. It's important to relax more and pay attention to what's going on around us as we move into the future.
  • Ivar, 41 years: I hope people spend a bit more time reflecting on what they really want.
  • Paul, 68 years: I'll be spending more days reading without feeling guilty about it.
  • Dirk, 70 years: Health comes first
  • Ali, 25 years: You should try to find inner peace, stop trying to find happiness outside yourself.
  • Maria, 46 years: Physical contact
  • Daphne, 58 years: We need to look ahead, not back.



  • Dwight, 38 years: No matter what life throws at you, you need to stay focused on your own goals. That's your responsibility. In my case, that's healthy living, sports and music.
  • Jaap, 84 years: I'm too old to think about such things, but that also gives me peace.
  • Corrie, 51 years: That being there for others gives me more energy than just focusing on myself.
  • Anonymously: I don't take anything with me, because I thought it was a bad period.
  • Anonymously: In this weird time you can build on your own family.
  • Anonymously: That you have to live every day. When you lose someone close to you, everything changes. So I don't know if I'm taking that view from this period or that particular event.
  • Gerda, 67 years: Sometimes the internet is good for something. It has given me the feeling that I can still be in contact with others.
  • Esther, 24 years: Taking it easy is also okay.
  • Diandra, 31 years: My dog ​​Elvis and the joy she brings us. I am very happy that we were able to choose her during this period.



  • Ahmet, 53 years: You should never force things, just do what feels good. That means different things to different people.
  • Hans Peter: All kinds of whatapp groups have been started, making it much easier and faster to communicate with each other. We will certainly take that into account in the future.
  • Amira, 10 years: It's nice to go to school.
  • Anonymously, 54 years: Good contact with neighbors is important, especially in uncertain times.
  • Anonymously: I'm afraid a whole lot of corona kilos!
  • Anonymously: If you want to do things, do them now and not later. There's no point in waiting. 
  • Anonymously: I started to look at social obligations differently. In the future I want to have to do less because it "must".
  • Esme, 21 years: Going out has been moved from the pub to the living room and you talk a lot more, so I hope that stays.
  • Hassan, 54 years: Life revolves around love.


  • Anonymously: Even in the corona period I ran out of time! I never stand still: repairing old products, having a chat with my neighbor, maintaining the tree mirrors. I'll keep busy!


  • Adam, 23 years: What I'd save if there was a big flood in Overvecht? I'd save young people first, they're the future after all. No, I take it back. I'd just save everyone. I'd save the ground under our feet too. I'd save every single stone in the pavement. It's hard to explain how much I love this neighbourhood. I love my neighbourhood. I even love every single pavement stone in Overvecht. It's almost hard to explain.
  • Dennis, 35 years: I finally had time to reflect, and that helped me figure out what I really want. I want to help people who have to live with a disability, just like me // OR // I had just had a gastric bypass, then the gyms closed. I started cycling a lot around the neighbourhood. I actually bought a Gopro to film my bicycle trips, I want to show everyone how beautiful Overvecht is!
  • Hassan, 45 years: The hardest part was when my sons didn't want to visit me at the weekends, because we couldn't go on fun outings like we used to. What I'll be taking on board for the future? I've learned that I really need to relax more. As a youth worker, I hardly had time for that during this hectic period. 
  • Erna, 65 years: There was no doubt in my mind that he should come to live with me. I couldn't just let my father-in-law wither away in the nursing home in front of the TV. I was calling lonely seniors on the phone every week as part of my volunteer work. I feel really close to them now. I definitely want to stay in touch!
  • Anonymously: I hadn't seen my sons that much in ages before last year. The whole family was together, and I felt really happy.
  • Monique: I lost a few people this past year. On the other hand, I have a much stronger relationship with my grandma now. We're even writing each other letters!
  • Anonymously: You have to remember how to laugh about things. That really helped me get through this time.  
  • Shirley: We all sent rummikub stones by post to someone who liked to play games in our neighborhood room! When he opened the envelope, the stones flew through the room, then he did laugh. This is how we tried to keep in touch with our target audience.
  • Boris: I have now really experienced the power of making live music. During the lockdown we played music on the street for a nursing home, that was very special!
  • Abdel: What do I bring? My faith in the small entrepreneurs in the neighborhood, I've really seen them fight over the past period.

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