SPRING in Autumn
27-29 okt UTRECHT
SPRING in Autumn
27-29 okt UTRECHT

Internationaal programma

EU project "Moving Borders“ presents Arts projects in 7 European cities

Since 2019, seven European production houses, festivals, private and public institutions in the sphere of performing arts have been working together with the British ensemble “Quarantine” on the project “Moving Borders” to create various local editions of the same participatory project in public space which aim to question and redefine regional, social and cultural borders.

Results will be presented as arks in public space from June to September 2021. The individually designed projects will be a place for encounters, participation, discourse and performances. During the last two years, the partner cities Porto, Athens, Strasbourg, Dresden, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Warsaw and Utrecht questioned local borders and their types and manifestations - geographical, architectural, social, cultural, etc. - and developed a content and conceptual framework, which is programmatically filled by "Quarantine", local artists, activists and citizens. "Moving Borders" is a model-project of international cooperation. At a time when nationalist, xenophobic and other discriminatory movements are once again experiencing a dangerous upswing in Europe and economic inequality is growing, it creates an outlook for a new togetherness.

"For us, ARK is a space where we can gather to discuss the question: what shall we save. But of course, it is also a concept that provokes. Who decides what boundaries should be drawn? Who decides who is let through, who can stay? Who decides who or what we should save? Who is this 'we'?", says Richard Gregory, co-artistic director of “Quarantine“.

“Quarantine“ was founded in 1998 by the directors Richard Gregory and Renny O'Shea and the designer Simon Banham in Manchester, UK. Today they operate as an ensemble of artists and producers working worldwide in the fields of theatre, performance and public intervention. The artistic concept ARK was developed by the Quarantine ensemble from an original idea by artist Kate Daley to create and stimulate exchange all over Europe and to be a symbol for a world that endures, promotes and welcomes diversity. The arks in public space will gather local artists, citizens and social communities that would otherwise not meet, configuring the circumstances for a progressive democratic space, such as the kind political theorist Chantal Mouffe describes as agonistic pluralism.


The projects of the individual cities

03. – 06.06.2021

ARK Mülheim: The Summer Awakening

In the time of social distance and isolation during the lockdown, it becomes clear that the gap in our society is not a new, pandemic-related problem, but was already there before. In Mülheim too, the realisation is growing that the city has been divided for a long time already. And the question of what a city actually is and means is trickling into the collective consciousness. From 3 – 6 June 2021, international and local artists will create an ark for art and culture in the "Ringlokschuppen" and the "MüGA Park" to question what living together in a city can mean. It aims to rediscover urban society  as such and create a new togetherness - a "we" without a hostile "the others".

The event will take place as an ongoing online stream and hopefully also (if allowed and possible in a corona-safe way) on site on the outdoor stage and at the surrounding park area.

More information on ARK Mülheim, see here


07. – 13.06.2021 | online

ARK Athens: Kivotos Channel

Kivotos Channel is a fake TV channel curated and performed by a diverse group of Athenians. Throughout a 2-month lab, the community will create a series of self-contained episodes of a weird show and explore extravagant ways to deal with the anticipation for the day after the catastrophe. The program will be broadcasted on Onassis YouTube Channel. "Welcome to the Kivotos Channel! A safe space for vulnerable bodies, femininities, relational politics and radical imagination for the day after. How can we possibly seize social agency adopting survival, funny and unexpected strategies in a new unthinkable world?"

More information on ARK Athens, see here.


01. – 10.07.2021

ARK Porto: A School at the Edge of Nowhere

With the aim of reflecting and analysing Porto's socio-cultural environment, a temporary school is being created in a square at the intersection of different parishes, communities and routes. In collaboration with different collectives, associations and groups of artists and thinkers, new cartographies will be created, both on printed paper and in the form of walks, lectures and discussions about the emerging visions and possibilities of thinking, being and building together in one city.

More information on ARK Porto, see here


09. – 12.07.2021

ARK Dresden: Ark for underestimated knowledge

In Dresden, from 16 – 18 July, a place will be created on the banks of the Elbe, already used and appreciated by all citizens: the "Ark for Underestimated Knowledge" where an exchange of experiences, workshops, performances, conversations and encounters takes place. It aims to collect knowledge and experiences of different communities and make them visible, such as people who had to leave their homes due to existential threats and left behind not only things and beloved people but also knowledge and experiences that are not as relevant here. A new vision of the future will be created from the things we want to take with us from the past and everything that is newly created on the Ark.

More information on ARK Dresden, see here.


16. – 18.07.2021

ARK Strasbourg

Specifically designed for Strasbourg, "European capital", international and cross-border city, ARK Strasbourg explores the subjects of communication and equity in a culturally and socially diverse community.

ARK Strasbourg opens up a space for long-term exchanges punctuated by several formats of workshops and meetings. The high point at Le Maillon, from 16 to 18 July, will be the opening of the Ark to the public, featuring and open to all: novel ways to share knowledge from all horizons, playful excursions into multilingual conversations, subjective guided tours of the European district for one member of the public at a time and vocal experimentation.

More information on ARK Strasbourg, see here.


02. – 12.09.2021

ARK Warsaw

Warsaw „Ark” is taking shape of a former school building marking border between old city quarter with its vivid local community and new city downtown looking for further extension.

With independent artists currently occupying building, as well as neighbors - both those living nearby for decades, as well as newcomers from office skyscrapers, we want to take journey negotiating how the building might become meeting point for both communities, what kind of values this space holds for the old community, and what can offer to new neighbors - beyond being just another piece of land for yet another glass tower. 

In the series of workshops, we will create performative installation, showing possibilities of coexistence of those two realities, and being invitation for entire city, to discuss its social ecosystem in the moment of rapid changes and development. 

More information on ARK Warsaw, see here.


16. – 19.09.2021

ARK Utrecht: City of Trust

ARK Utrecht is a city celebration and revolves around a figuratively ark, a fantasy ship filled with dream images on which we sail confidently from the crisis into a new future and in which we save what we find important, create what is missing and leave behind what we no longer need. Two colourful trucks converted into arks will travel from 16 till 19 September 2021 through all the different and diverse neighbourhoods of Utrecht. Around this driving city-artwork a programme full of encounters, interventions and activities will take place, created by city residents and community centres, as well as artists and cultural organisations. The whole neighborhood is invited to get ‘on board’, to take a look or make a contribution. Meetings will take place through discussion tables, art installations, exhibitions, music, pop-up performances, talkshows, debates, inspiration sessions, parades, rituals or workshops. See more information here.


Project partners of Moving Borders are Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg - Scène européenne (FR), Ringlokschuppen Ruhr (DE), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (NL), Teatro Municipal Do Porto (P), Onassis STEGI (GR) and Fundacja Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych (PL). Moving Borders is co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Further information on Moving Borders, see here



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